Print your photos and transform them into analogue art. Make your favorite snapshot into a poster-sized keepsake or turn a 30×40 inch shot of that incredible mountain view into a statement piece on your wall.

What is the best quality canvas to print on?

With home delivery and a wide range of photo sizes, Pikto is one of the photo print canada services for Canada. Their prints are produced by a professional lab and deliver great colours and details. The skin tones are very close to the uploaded file and their black and whites are excellent, keeping detail in portraits. Their lustre premium paper is beautiful and has a slight pebbly texture to prevent fingerprints when handled.

Creating the perfect prints for your home is not only important for displaying your work but also for preserving the original file. It is not uncommon for a digital photograph to undergo a lot of manipulation and editing before it is ready to print. Unfortunately, this can cause the image to lose its quality and a professional print can help preserve the original file.

To find out which of the best photo print canada offers the best results when it comes to photo printing, I tested 7 top-rated photo labs across Canada with a test set of 3 4×6 matte prints. I assessed the photos using a 1200 dpi scan and focused on how closely the prints were to the original image rather than factors like speed of delivery, packaging, cost, etc.

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