Whether you’re laptop sleeves australia errands on your way to work or meeting with your clients, the perfect bag is essential. A spacious, stylish carry-on tote with a dedicated laptop sleeve will ensure that your precious electronics are safe and secure. But don’t pick just any bag — it should be durable with enough room to fit your computer, plus thoughtful organization and padded straps that won’t leave your back and shoulders achy.

Beyond Basics: Exploring the Latest Trends in Laptop Sleeves for Every Style

When shopping for a new laptop bag, fashion stylist Jeni Paolella says to tailor your pick to your lifestyle. If you spend most of your day commuting around the city, opt for a messenger-style bag that’ll keep up with your hectic schedule. Or if you’re a traveler, look for a backpack that can protect your devices while also allowing you to easily access the important things like your passport and wallet.

Consider the material of your bag, too. Leather is a classic option and one of Kassab’s personal favorites, but you can also find a wide range of nylon and polyester bags that offer the same level of durability for less money. If you want a bag that’s waterproof, look for YKK AquaGuard zippers or a fabric welt (which covers the zipper track and adds water protection).

To make sure your new bag is a good fit for your laptop, start by measuring the depth of your device. You’ll want to purchase a sleeve that’s at least half an inch deeper than your laptop’s depth, which will help protect it from bumps and scratches while in the bag.

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