tidal wave shroom

Tidal Wave is a psychedelic mushroom strain that has taken the fungi community by storm. Featuring an undulating cap design that mirrors the rippling of ocean waves, this rare strain promises a whirlwind of euphoria and sensory overload. Its potent effects are perfect for socializing in small doses or when one is seeking a spiritual journey. It induces a sense of deep introspection and philosophical thoughts, as well as an immense joy, a twisted notion of time and space, and synaesthesia, among other mind-bending effects.\

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Tidal wave shroom is the result of a masterful fusion of Penis Envy and B+ cubensis, two revered heavyweight genetics. These strains are known to produce powerful visual hallucinations and a profound psychedelic experience, which can be very enjoyable for those with proper preparation. The strain is also popular for microdosing, which helps people overcome mood disorders and combat depression.

Despite its powerful potency, tidal wave shroom is surprisingly easy to grow. Its mycelium colonizes quickly and fruit easily on most common substrates like rye grain, brown rice flour, or wild bird seed. This strain is also fairly resistant to contamination, making it suitable for cultivators with a low- to intermediate level of experience.

These mushrooms often bruise blue, indicating a high concentration of the psychoactive chemical psilocin. Consequently, it is recommended that users avoid touching or ingesting bruised tidal wave magic mushrooms to prevent possible infection. It is also essential to properly prepare for the trip by establishing the “set and setting” – a comfortable, familiar, and safe environment, free from distractions, and fulfilling all responsibilities before embarking on the journey.

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