rotovac sheardry tool

The rotovac sheardry tool is one of those almost perfect tools that come along every once in awhile in our industry. It makes commercial carpet extraction a breeze and saves your back at the same time. It is lightweight so you can use it all day without hurting your wrist. Its plastic head is fiberglass enforced so it prevents snags that are common with metal heads. It has a dual direction spray bar that simultaneously shears spray dispersion – forward and backward. It is sealed so it does not drip or overspray. Constructed of light weight super strong fiberglass reinforced composite it is the most comfortable and effective upholstery tool on the market today.

Its dual direction spray bar is populated with closely packed holes, just 1.6 mm apart allowing for an even streak free clean. This is a great feature for upholstery cleaning because it allows the operator to apply an even coat of solution. The head is also sealed preventing virtually all heat loss from the cleaning solution to the surrounding fabric.

Revolutionize Your Upholstery Cleaning with Rotovac Sheardry Tool

Its high quality brass flow control allows the operator to fine tune the amount of solution applied and a vacuum slider for variations of vacuum strength puts you in total control. Molded glides on the head lips are designed to virtually eliminate any chance of fabric snag and the replaceable nose cone is easy to access and remove if it gets clogged. Pressure side by pass valve lets you set the water flow and shut off the truck mount while still operating your equipment, no need to stop your work.

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