Easily dress up any table at a trade show, conference, office meeting, or corporate event with stretch table covers and stretch logo covers. Available in a variety of sizes from X-Small (6ft) to X-Large (17ft), these customizable table covers ensure your brand and message are front and center to every passerby.

Sleek and Seamless: Enhancing Your Presentation with Stretch Table Covers

Printed in full-color on 180 GSM high-quality stretch fabric, these covers fit snugly over standard rectangular tables for a sleek look. They also feature hemmed rubber pockets in each corner to protect the fabric from sharp table legs. These durable covers have exceptional elasticity and can be stretched 500% without losing their shape.

This versatility is what makes them the perfect choice for a wide range of events. They can conceal existing flaws on older tables, create a uniform appearance for a specific brand or event type, or simply enhance the aesthetics of any table setup.

In addition to their excellent elasticity, stretch table covers are machine washable. This allows you to keep your covers looking fresh and professional between events, ensuring they’re always ready for use.

Achieve the perfect fit for your stretch table cover with our online design tool. Use our simple system to upload your logo, choose a color or theme, and add custom messages. Once you’re happy with the design, submit your order for printing. Our production and shipping teams take care of the rest to make sure your branded table covers are delivered on time for your next big event.

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