Wearable personal safety jewelry is an excellent way to notify loved ones of your whereabouts. Some jewelry even has an emergency button that can be pushed. It can also send an emergency alert or a map link to your location. You can send the alert through text, email, Facebook or Twitter. This type of jewelry is available for under $10 on Amazon and can make your family and friends aware of your whereabouts.

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Another type of personal safety jewelry is Invisawear, a type of wearable SOS device. It can send an SOS message to five friends with the press of a button. These products are designed to blend in with a woman’s outfit. They look like regular jewelry, but feature a hidden button on the backside. If you are ever threatened, the device can send an alert to five friends.

These jewelry items are made of a material that is comfortable to wear, making them easy to conceal and extremely effective. They can also contact authorities or pre-programmed emergency contacts. This type of jewelry is a smart choice for women who are worried about their safety. However, the jewelry should not appear to be overtly feminine or sexy.

Flare, a company founded by survivors of sexual assault, has a line of jewelry that helps people stay safe when they are out. The jewelry can alert emergency contacts and help them reach the victim. The Flare jewelry also has a hidden button that can send text messages, GPS tracking, prerecorded calls, and connect with the police. The company also aims to build an IP portfolio to help people feel safe and sound when they are in danger.

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