oat groats australia is the main plant material which is used for making of Oats. The Oat material is obtained from coniferous trees and the plant material is dried to make a white powder. This powder is further processed to make food products like oats, rolled oats and rolled brown oats and is also used as a filler in the making of cookies, cakes, biscuits and wafers. There are several other varieties of the same family and these are called Grains which include wheat, maize, triticale, durum, pinolenic acid, coping, kasha, Swiss chard and lantana.

How chosse best Oat Groats

oat groats australia


The major variety of the oat groats is the White Groats which is also known as Agave in some parts of Australia and New Zealand. These oat groats are dried to make a hard, thin brittle crumbly mass which is very good for cooking and pastry preparation. They are also used in the making of bread and pastry and are sometimes combined with buckwheat to make a very fine cakes and biscuits. In other places they are used as fine meal, and in Middle East they are used in meals like hummus. In other parts of Australia and New Zealand they are used as filler in dough and are used in preparing cakes and biscuits.

Oats are used both as a garnish or as a main ingredient in food products and as a plant material in plants. They make for an excellent source of proteins and have a remarkable nutty flavour. They are used extensively in soups, stews and sauces and are used in making of deserts and pies and other food products. The quality varies depending upon the process of drying the plant material, whether it is sun dried, air dried or dehydrated. They are used both as a garnish and as a main ingredient in food products and are known for their ability to retain moisture and therefore are popular as a preserve.

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