If you’re thinking about taking music lessons in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. With a wealth of music education options in Singapore, there are many options for all skill levels. Take your pick from piano lessons, violin lessons, cello lessons, or even ukulele lessons! Suzuki music school in Singapore offers beginner and graded classes in violin, piano, and ukulele. Students at the school will also work toward internationally recognized qualifications. Source

If You’re Thinking About Taking Music Lessons In Singapore

Studio72 is located in the heart of Singapore’s historic Boat Quay. The elegantly upscale atmosphere and glam rock and velvet underground atmosphere provide an inspiring environment for music lessons. The studio also features a cafe lounge where students can get a caffeine fix and socialize. Students can also attend organized gigs and jam sessions at the studio to meet other students who share the same passion for music. This is a great place for music lessons and learning, and we highly recommend Studio72 for a variety of reasons.

Students in Singapore can choose to take either examination-based or leisure-based music lessons. The most internationally recognized music examination board. Also offers individual instrument instruction and grades for students who wish to take a music exam. There are many places to choose from in Singapore.

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