2 group coffee machine

A 2 group coffee machine is a commercial espresso machine that produces two groups of espresso simultaneously. It is a great choice for restaurants, cafes, and bed and breakfasts that want to offer their guests a high-quality cup of espresso in a short period of time.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a 2 group coffee machine for your business. The most important factor is ensuring the machine can handle your daily customer volume. However, other key factors to consider include brewing capacity, size and space requirements, budget, ease of use, and reliability.

Coffee Business Savings: Finding Quality Used Commercial Coffee Machines for Your Café

The La Spaziale S2 EK DSP 2 Group Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine is a high-end commercial coffee machine that offers superior performance and reliable operation. It features a dual boiler design, an automatic dose setting, and a sleek modern aesthetic. It is also easy to operate, so your employees can whip up specialty drinks quickly and easily.

This machine is a true workhorse. It can produce up to four cups of espresso in a matter of minutes. This is perfect for coffee shops that serve busy customers. Its simple to read buttons make it easy for new baristas to understand and navigate. Plus, it is available in race car red and polished black, so it will look as fast as your baristas are!

I tried a few different espresso blends and different charred roasts on this machine, and it did a fantastic job with all of them. I would recommend this machine to anyone looking for a great value and a reliable machine.

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