Have you ever tried the jarritos drink flavors? If so, you know what a great beverage this is. These Mexican sodas are flavored with natural ingredients and contain no caffeine or high fructose corn syrup. In addition, they are made in Mexico. Read on to find out what makes this soda such a great drink. Listed below are some of the most popular flavors and the story behind their creation. Let us explore some of them.

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Jarritos Flavors

While there are no standout flavors in Jarritos, some of their best-known ones are the lime and pineapple. Both of these flavors are solid flavors and offer a great aftertaste. Lime is not as memorable as the former, but it is certainly enjoyable. Lime also has a great lime-like twist that will have your guests asking for seconds. The bright pink color will give you second thoughts, though.

Tamarindo – Adding tamarind to the Jarrito lineup was a brilliant move by Francisco Hill. The fruit packs a sour punch that is found in iconic dishes from Southeast Asia to Latin America. Hill used this fruit’s unique characteristics to create the first tamarind soda. Today, Tamarindo remains one of the top-selling flavors. If you love tamarind, try some other flavors that are based on this fruit.

Jarritos are great for a variety of drinks, from slushes to ice cream mixes. For a fun cocktail, try Jarritos Mango with frozen mango slices. If you’re not a fan of chamoy sauce, try Jarritos Mango. Jarritos are great for mixing with ice cream and can add to a variety of drinks. And if you’re hosting a party, consider Jarritos for the drinks at your table.

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