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How to Use an Oscilloscope - Nativity Cedarcro

oscilloscope how to use

The infinite variety of signals out there means you’ll never operate a scope the same way twice. But there are some basic steps you can count on.

First, you need a signal to measure. Connect the negative (usually an alligator clip) probe to the ground or whatever’s minus in your circuit and the positive (usually also an alligator clip) to what you want to measure. Then plug the oscilloscope in and turn it on.

Can vapes set off smoke alarms axis on the screen represent time? The vertical axis represents voltage. If the incoming signal is changing rapidly, the display will appear jittery. This is because the oscilloscope has to constantly refresh the display to keep up with the changing waveform. To get a clear signal, use the horizontal and vertical position controls to frame your signal on the screen.

Advanced Functions Unveiled: Exploring the Hidden Features of Your Oscilloscope

Next, adjust the volts per division and vertical position knobs until your wave covers most of the vertical graticule line on the display. This will give you the most accurate voltage measurement.

You’ll also want to set the trigger system. This determines how quickly the oscilloscope starts and stops measuring a waveform. There are many different types of trigger systems such as edge triggering and threshold triggering which respond to specific conditions in the signal.

Finally, you can use the cursor buttons to measure a particular part of your signal. Once you have the cursors in place, use the adjustment knobs to move them around the display to see how they work.

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