How to Stop Your AC Now

Do you need to know how to stop your AC now? AC tips The first thing to do is turn off your other electrical equipment. If the AC still isn’t working, you should call a professional HVAC technician. Another problem could be that the thermostat isn’t set properly. It may be the case that your AC isn’t running at all. If this is the case, you should reset your thermostat and call a professional HVAC technician.

If you haven’t turned off your thermostat yet, make sure it is set to the “cool” or “auto” position. If it is set to “heat,” it will keep cycling and won’t cool your home. Also, make sure your air filters are clean if they are dirty. If you can’t get rid of the problem, call a professional HVAC technician and ask them to look at it. Once the thermostat is fixed, you can use the AC again.

You can also turn off the air conditioner and inspect the evaporator coil. If you find a small piece of metal or a clogged filter, the evaporator coil is likely to freeze. Another issue could be low refrigerant in the system, or a leak in the refrigerant line. You should always call a professional for assistance if you suspect a frozen evaporator coil or compressor.

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