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When it comes to diesel tuning near me Orange County Diesel is your one-stop, Southern California truck performance shop. Our seasoned technicians are experts in ECM programming and custom tuning, as well as diesel exhaust systems, fuel injectors, forced induction, nitrous oxide, and all other major components for diesel trucks. Specialty tuning for efficient operation is not only important for our customers who are concerned with the rising cost of fuel, it is also good for the environment!

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The majority of custom tunes are created with ECM calibration software that is designed specifically for overwriting the operating tables in a stock or modified engine management system. This process is called “custom” tuning and requires computer knowledge as well as a chassis dyno or other test facility to ensure that the software is loaded into an ECM correctly and that all engine specifications are met. There is a lot of “home tuners” out there who do not have this expertise and will load just any old tune into an engine without checking for modifications or specifications, which can cause issues with your rig down the road such as inaccurate injector flow rates that ruin fuel economy, or incorrect timing code that could damage the engine.

SCT and HP Tuners are well-known for their user-friendly programmers that allow owners to load their own custom tunes into the ECM of a Duramax or Power Stroke pickup. However, these companies are not the only ones with this capability. New Zealand-based EFILive is another company that has developed custom tuning programs for the LB7 Duramax and also has software that allows for customization of Cummins engines as well.

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