credit cards with no credit checks

Credit cards with no credit checks can help people build credit or rebuild after a financial setback. The best ones offer helpful features that make it easier to start a good credit-building habit.

Credit history is one of the most important factors that lenders use to determine whether they will approve your application for a card or a loan. If you have no credit history, it’s even harder for a lender to understand how well you can manage your money and repay what you owe.

If you have no credit history, you may need to apply for a secured credit card instead of an unsecured one. These cards typically require a security deposit, but they may also let you graduate to an unsecured card in as little as four months.

The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards with No Credit Checks

A secure card can be a great option for someone with no credit who wants to build their credit, but they should be careful because the issuer may take away your deposit if you don’t pay back what you charge to it. Unsecured credit cards can be a better choice for those who want more freedom with their spending and credit limits.

The Chime Credit Builder is a Visa card that doesn’t require a credit check, but it does report to all three major credit bureaus and will help you build your credit by reporting on-time payments and purchases. It’s a no-fee card that can be used at all merchants that accept Visa and will also help you increase your credit score in the process.

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