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If you’re looking for a reliable private investigator near me, South Carolina, look no further than Stillinger Investigations. The firm, founded in 1991, has a combined experience of over 50 years in the investigative industry. Whether it’s an insurance fraud investigation, a family law case, or a criminal defense case, they’ve helped tens of thousands of people nationwide.

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The Charleston SC branch of Stillinger Investigations features a full range of investigative services, including hidden cameras, GPS services, digital forensics, database research, and counter-surveillance. Clients can find more information about these services on the company’s website, which is user-friendly and contains testimonials. Stillinger Investigations’ Charleston SC branch has field offices throughout the state of South Carolina.


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Human rights activists are a vital component of society. They stand up for those who are deprived of their fundamental freedoms, such as free speech. They also try to protect children from exploitation and sexual assault. They are often underrepresented in public life, but their work is important. If you want to learn more about human rights activists, read on. We’ll explore some examples of their work. Let’s start with Greta Thunberg. She is just 17 years old, but her activism has been worldwide and won her a Nobel Peace Prize. She is currently working on raising awareness about climate change and the dire consequences of the changing environment.

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Craig is one of the most well-known human rights activists. He was inspired to act after seeing a front-page story in the Toronto Star about child slavery. He was only sixteen at the time, but the incident sparked Craig’s interest in the issue and led to the founding of Free the Children. He later became a crusader against child labour. During his first visit to Bangladesh, he met Iqbal Masih, a man who was sold into slavery at four.

Craig Kielburger has built an organization made up of 50 kids. Now, other groups of kids want to affiliate with him. He first agitated to visit Asia. He got introductions from children’s rights organizations and UNICEF and found accommodations for the trip. He also met with a social worker from Bangladesh, who acted as an escort, guardian, and tutor. After his first trip, the group has a new organization that organizes similar trips to Bangladesh.


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