Buechsenmacher in Schleswig-Holstein



Buchsenmacher are a traditional craft with a rich history. To master this trade, students must have a thorough knowledge of theory and practice. They are educated in dual schools that are administered by the federal government. These schools are located in Baden-Württemberg and Suhl, Thuringen.

How important is a Gunmaker/gunsmith

Büchsenmacher Schleswig Holstein in Schleswig-Holstein produces firearms and ammunition according to mass 08/15 and certify them with Cerakote-Beschichtungen. This type of coating ensures the long-term durability of the weapons. Proper cleaning and maintenance of weapons is essential for their longevity. In addition, there is an Armourers Workshop on site that offers training in self-building weapons.

The Schneid-, Schleiftechnik und Buchsenmacher-Handwerk (BSH) has 15 member companies. There are 13 branch locations in this German state. The branch locations are listed with phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Some companies are also listed on the D&B Business Directory.

The BSH branch in Buechsenmacher-Schleswig-Holstein has a long history of gunsmithing. The region is home to SIG Sauer, a traditional Waffen manufacturer. The town is part of Segeberger Forstes.





Buchsenmachers in Berlin are tenacious and highly skilled workers. They can work on all kinds of firearms and are a reliable partner in all aspects of their care. This includes cleaning, repair, and maintenance. In addition, they provide expert advice and service. Their expertise is unmatched in the industry.Read more 

How important is becoming a Gunmaker/gunsmith? 

In Germany, more than a million people carry weapons. However, this is not a common practice. Guns are only allowed in public spaces by the police, and only a small number of people have gun rights. This means that Katja Triebel, who escaped the Spandau terror attack in 2008, does not possess a weapon. In addition, she does not want to give up her gun rights. Nonetheless, she believes that the right to self-defense (Selbstverteidigung) is a human right.

Buchsenmacher-Berlin fertigens both individual and mass-produced weapons. Moreover, their weapons are zertifiziert for Cerakote-Beschichtungen, which provide high quality finishes and long-lasting performance. Additionally, their armourers offer workshops where customers can learn how to assemble custom weapons.

While there are many different types of guns in Berlin, there are several common brands that offer these types of weapons. These include Frankonia, Kettner, Triebel, and Sauer S 202. Depending on your preference, you can also opt for an online version of this form. In any case, you will need to present your existing permit when submitting the Anzeige des Erwerbs of Weapons.


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