Getting your Alberta Insurance License is one of the most important steps in your career as an insurance professional. The Alberta Insurance Council is the regulatory body that oversees licensing in the province of Alberta. Below you will find everything you need to know about how to obtain your licence.URL:

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Generally, anyone who sells insurance must be licensed. This includes agents, salespersons and brokers. However, the Act also defines some exclusions. For example, only a registered insurance agent may sell life or disability insurance. Those who work at travel agencies, credit unions and banks are not considered insurance agents under the Act, but they can purchase and sell travel insurance on behalf of their employer.

The Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) works to ensure insurance consumers are protected by regulating the industry through licensing. It creates policy and establishes guidelines for premium levels related to auto and home insurance, and it provides investigative and administrative services to the other insurance councils including the Insurance Adjusters Council and the General Insurance Council as well as the Continuing Education Accreditation Committee.

AIC can tell consumers if an individual is licensed, and what type of insurance they can sell; the consumer can search this information online or by contacting the AIC directly. It can also help a consumer find out if an insurance agent, broker or adjuster has been disciplined.

In order to become a licensed Alberta General Level 1 insurance agent, you must successfully complete a series of courses. These include the Fundamental of Insurance course and GICS bylaws exam, the Alberta Level 1 insurance exam and the Restricted Auto course. Once you pass all of the required course material and the ILScorp certification exam, your status as a certified Alberta Level 1 student will be marked on your AIC profile.

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