Brands of White Rum

brands of white rum

While it may not be as popular as dark rum or tequila, there are a surprising number of great brands of white rum to be found. In a well-made one, you can expect notes of coconut and tropical fruits, vanilla, banana, light spices, and even sugarcane, along with a dry, smooth finish. These rums are great mixers and can add a nice depth of flavor to cocktails such as Daiquiris or Cuba Libre. However, they are also a delight on their own and can easily be enjoyed as a sipper.

While many white rums don’t spend any time in the barrel, those that do often pick up plenty of flavors from the wood (whether it’s the dark caramel and toffee of the bourbon that came before, or the vanilla, dry oak, and pepper spice of the rum itself). While much of that will be lost in filtration, there are still some very good choices available.

Pour Perfection: A Deep Dive into the Finest Brands of White Rum That Every Connoisseur Should Know

Some of the best white rums are blends that combine elements of different rum-making traditions. For example, Plantation 3 Star is a blend of Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados that balances clean fruit with a hint of rustic funkiness for some added depth. Other choices, such as Denizen aged white rum, offer the benefits of barrel aging and charcoal filtration to remove color without losing much of the richness that can be found in most aged rums.

It’s important to remember that rum, as with all alcohol, should be consumed in moderation. It can provide a variety of health benefits when paired with the right food choices, including the ability to improve heart health and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. In addition, it can help increase bone density and alleviate symptoms of arthritis.


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