Reversed Feelings of the Page of Cups

page of cups reversed feelings

The Page of Cups tarot card represents a passionate lover, a dreamer, or a young woman. In addition, it is associated with the sixth sense and can signal the beginning of a psychic development. The Cups also represent empathy and compassion. It is a sign to follow your intuition and your heart.

If you see thE page of cups reversed feelings position, you are feeling doubts about your intuition. You may be wondering whether the messages you receive are really coming from your intuition, or if you’re simply being guided by your ego. A reversed Page of Cups can also indicate an affair, or unrequited love. If this is the case, you should avoid letting jealousy and vindictiveness control your actions.

When a person has this card reversed, they are being overly sensitive or seeking an experience of intimacy. These feelings may also reflect the need to move on to a more mature relationship. If you’re feeling too sensitive or immature, you might want to seek out someone who will help you move past your childhood and bring you closer to maturity.

The Page of Cups reflects a love affair in the beginning stages. You may have feelings for someone who was your childhood sweetheart. A breakup with Cups is a serious matter, but you need to treat it as a learning experience. Eventually, you’ll learn from the experience and move on.


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